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9/3/23 Sunday Morning Service

Join us for a profound sermon from Brother John Nations at White Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church in DeAnn, Arkansas. Diving deep into Revelation Chapter 20, Brother John elaborates on the “Great White Throne Judgement”—one of the most evocative scenes described in the Bible. Likening the judgment day to a powerful courtroom setting, he illuminates the gravity of the moment when every soul will stand before God. But fear not, for Brother John also brings a message of hope and victory. For those who have found refuge in the teachings of Jesus and placed their unwavering faith in Him, this day of judgment is not an end, but a triumphant new beginning. Whether you’re a devout believer or just curious about the teachings of Revelation, this sermon offers deep insights and spiritual nourishment. Be inspired, be prepared, and remember that in faith, there is always hope.

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