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8/10/23 Revival

Welcome to the final night of our revival at White Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church in DeAnn, Arkansas. Tonight, we are blessed to hear an inspiring and soul-stirring message from Brother John David Watson, who delves deep into the scriptures and our relationship with God.


Based on Exodus 10:3-11, Brother Watson illuminates on the core message: “If you are saved, you have a command to serve God.” It’s a call to introspection for every believer. If you claim salvation, yet there’s an absence of service in your walk with God, it’s time to reflect and act.


Join us in this spirit-filled sermon and be challenged to align your faith and actions. If you’ve ever questioned your role and purpose as a believer, this message is for you. Let’s come together to answer the divine call, “So That We May Serve.”


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